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 rules for the casual rpgs

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PostSubject: rules for the casual rpgs   rules for the casual rpgs Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2007 9:06 pm

Alright, to the weathered LoZ RPer, these "Casual RPs" are probably getting a lot of funny looks. What the heck is a casual RP, you might be asking. What would I do in a casual RP? Who can make them? All legitimate questions, and I will be answering them for you!

A casual RP is for those who are proficient at Role-Playing but don't want to go full out with the alternative RPs (Amplus Teradi and Legend of ZeldA: War of Shoraesol Aelyr). Anyone can make a game, and that means anyone. Of course, you need to seek RPG Leader approval, but if they give the ok, you can go ahead with it.

Inside of a casual RP, it wouldn't be much different than the others. But some of you look at those and see very large posts. Obviously in a "casual" RP setting, decked-out posts are not a necessity, but at times can be appropriate.

Now the very specific rules and set-ups for games will be left up to the game creator, but here are some basic rules that cannot be disobeyed in your casual RPs:

-No God Modding. If you are able to participate in a casual RP, you know what this is and that it's a big no-no.

-Posts need to be a legitimate length. I'll say bare minimum of about 5 or 6 sentences. There really isn't a maximum, but don't go out and write a post that'll take 30 minutes to read if the reader doesn't slack off; that's overdoing it in any RP.

-You cannot post dialogue for another human-controlled character without the owner of that character's permission. There will be random characters that are not controlled by one specific person, and they can be controlled by everyone. They should stay as one personality though, and not be ripped to shreds by different people's ideas; characters this happens to will be removed from the RP at the discretion of the Mods/Admins.

-No editing of your posts after you make it unless NOBODY ELSE IS ON THE FORUMS. You may definitely not edit your RP posts (unless you ad an OoC) after someone else posts after it.

-You may not kill another human-controlled character with out that character owner's EXPLICIT permission. This needs to be shown to a mod or admin as well to make extra special sure, because this is a big plot thing, and if done wrong it can totally destroy an RP for posts upon posts. It's best to avoid death if at all possible. Killing your own character is not something you can undo after someone else posts. Sorry, no coming back as ghosts or anything like that.

There will be other more specific rules that will be set by the Game-Creators that will have been approved by mods.

When creating a game, the following things would be included when you submit your initial post for approval:

Name of Game:
Type of Game (What forum it'll be going in):
Maximum Amount of Characters:
Minimum Amount of Characters:
Story-line (must be at least 3 good paragraphs [at least 5 sentences each]):
Specific Rules and Limits:

If any of those are missing, don't expect your game to be approved. They all need to be filled out adequately. After approval, post your game and add a field naming which mod approved your game. If you lie then your game is removed and you can't make games for a good while Smile.

When enough people have joined your game, you start your game at YOUR discretion. However, once your minimum character amount is reached, your game should start within 5 days or so. If it goes too long (no definite limit), the game will be locked and you lost your game chance.

How do you end a game? When the objective is reached and reached LEGITIMATELY! Game should go for at least three pages, at the VERY least. Good games will probably go for around 7-20 or so. Don't make too many side detours; stay as on track as you can, but go with the flow. Anything can happen in an RP, and unless something goes radically wrong or out of place with a game, your games will be free to go wherever the characters may take them.

The #1 Rule is have fun and enjoy your casual RPs! Very Happy

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rules for the casual rpgs GryffindorS
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rules for the casual rpgs
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