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*Harry Potter*
*Harry Potter*

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PostSubject: RULES   RULES Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 5:42 am

Hey everyone welcome to the site! Here are a few rules to follow. Failure to comply can result in 4 warnings, after that 6 infractions, and after that... Banishment


Spamming constitutes as anything deemed irrelevant or pointless in any given topic, which includes the following: · Off-topic posting · One/two/three word posts · Advertising a website anywhere other than the Webmasters Board · Role Playing in the forums · Extensive use of Emoticons/Smileys · Multiple-Posting (If you accidentally submit a post more than once, it can be understood, but unless you have a very valid reason to be making more than one post in a row, use the Edit button to change your posts.) These rules apply not only to the GF Boards, but the Chatbox aswell.

Light Flaming

Light flaming, such as a small insult or jab at someone will be met with a Caution. If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all. However, if you are joking around with someone, make sure that it is clear that you mean no disrespect to another member, because where you may be joking, another member may take your words as being intentionally hurtful or disrespectful, so be very careful about that.

Heavy Flamming

Heavy flaming, such as an entire post or topic dedicated to disrespecting someone will be taken much more seriously, with the possibility of Jail Time, and even permanent Banning from GF being among the consequences. This includes any and all forms of discrimination against others, be it racial, religious, sexual, etc.

Staff Flamming

Staff flaming is something that will absolutely not be tolerated here. The staff members of GF take away from their personal time to help out with this website, be it on the forums, but they do not have to be here doing the outstanding jobs they do and therefore members are required to treat them with the utmost respect, or suffer dire consequences. Permanent Banning is a strong possibility if you are caught flaming any GF staff members.


Cussing is allowed here at GF, but just do not go overboard with it. Please remember that we do have a younger audience in this community, so be considerate when choosing your words.

Bumping Topics

If you see an old topic that hasn’t been responded to in more than 10 months or so, please do not post in these “dead” topics.

Repeating Topics

Please check the boards before you decide to create a new topic in order to make sure that your topic has not already been created.

Repetitive Posting

Also known as “post whoring,” this is another thing strongly discouraged here. Do not make posts simply to increase your post count and nothing else. Make every post you type count.

Posting in the correct board

When creating a topic, please consider what category your topic belongs under so that it will be placed in the correct board. If you have any questions, ask a GF Staff member, Headliner member, or Developer that is currently online.

Signature Size

Any signature banner may be no larger than 450px in width and 200px in height. It may contain no more than one banner of that size. You may have one or two smaller banners in the signature, so long as they are not huge. If your signature is too large, you will be notified by a staff member and given an opportunity to correct it. Failure to comply with the rule after being notified will result in a warning.

Spelling & Grammar

As you post here at GF, pay attention to the spelling of your words, the structure of your sentences, and how you handle your grammar. Using excessive amounts of ? or ! marks, misspelling words, and typing as if you don’t know how to speak is not a good way to establish yourself as a good member here. We like to take pride in the way we post here, so please be sure you do the same.

The ChatBox

The chatbox is not a spambox; there is a very important difference. You use the chatbox to have little conversations with other members. The following things are not allowed in the shoutbox:

Flames towards other members
Arguing with a Mod when they tell you to stop doing something

You may be warned, infracted, or banned for doing any of those things, depending on the severity.

Thank you for reading these rules

- *Harry Potter*
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